What we offer Lenders: Efficient, professional evaluation, acquisition and funding of your delinquent mortgage assets. We can turn around indicative bids within 24 hours, and complete full due-diligence within 5-7 days. We are proud of our software platform and systems that are cutting-edge, and that utilize the best available technology in today’s marketplace.


Arcadian Investments has set up a comprehensive loan evaluation and tracking system and a loan management infrastructure that gives us the ability to purchase, administer and service loans in an efficient and secure manner.

If you are looking for liquidity for individual non-performing loans or for your loan portfolios, Arcadian Investments is a trusted third party with experience and a track record. Our strengths involve a range of programs promoting homeownership retention – we take a humane approach to default and work as much as we can to retain the original borrower in the home. As a result, we end up promoting loan modifications, payment agreements and refinances whenever and wherever feasible.